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Aged care costs money. How much will you pay? Our financial advisers will develop a plan to make sure you don’t pay too much in fees to the nursing home.

We are Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers

A pproaching residential aged care can often be confusing and emotional, with many complex issues to understand and manage. It is often best to get prepared well before time, so that when a family member does eventually moves into care it does not impact the family to the same extent.

You may need support and advice now or later to move through the aged care entry process with relative ease and minimize stress and worry. Ideally, you should not make any hurried decisions when it comes to aged care. Understanding the implications of the decisions you will need to make, and getting ready to act can help ensure that you, or your family member, enjoy a good transition into Perth aged care accommodation.

We can help make you or your relative’s transition smoother and reduce the stress that too often accompanies such situations.

How We Can Help

Our qualified and experienced advisers offer advice on:

  • Your entitlements to government pensions and other related benefits
  • Retaining or selling your home and other assets
  • How to minimise the costs and tax consequences of aged care
  • The options available for funding your aged care entry fees costs and how to structure your accommodation payments
  • An evaluation of all your aged care options so you make an informed decision

Why Should You Work With Us

We have a team of certified advisers and aged care financial specialists who can help you through the entire transition process. The benefits that you may expect from our advice and services include:

  • A clear path ahead
  • Avoidance of long term and expensive mistakes
  • Improved cash-flow
  • Reduction on aged care fees
  • Better nursing home / higher standard of care
  • Stress free life and mind