About Us

About Us


If you are looking for experienced finance professionals who can guide you through the residential aged care maze, Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers are ready to help. Whether it’s for you or for your loved one, our personalised approach in providing aged care financial services in Perth is proven to make real difference to people’s lives. Aside from being away from home and family, increasing nursing home costs can be one of the greatest challenges of moving into a residential aged care. It is our goal to help you manage your funds well and avoid costly mistakes when dealing with aged care fees. Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers help you get on track and successfully find your way to a stress-free entry to a residential aged care.

Residential aged care fees can be confusing and the rules are complex and ever changing. Our aged care financial specialists are here to help you understand the implications of every financial decision you are about to make. Because this is a challenging time for both you and your family, our goal is to provide Perth residents and families with age care assistance that eliminates unnecessary stress.

Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers will help you deal with important aged care decisions including:

  • Moving to a residential aged care facility
  • Funding your RAD (accommodation bond)
  • What to do with the family home (keep, rent, or sell)
  • Your options and additional fees involved when moving into a residential aged care


Meet Our Team

Meet our wonderful team of certified advisers and aged care financial specialists who can help you through every step of the entire transition process.


Malcolm Davis
Practice Principal and Senior Adviser
Malcolm has more than 16 years of experience in financial planning, specialising in structural and investment advice. He joined Genesys Wealth Advisers in 2006 and formed Aspire2 Wealth Advisers in 2008. Malcolm has an MBA and Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning.

According to Malcolm, the best part of his job is helping people solve their problems, explaining what is complicated for others, and providing clients peace of mind. The interaction with people from all walks of life is a constant highlight, and he is amazed how you can learn from something from everyone if you just care to listen.
Alan Thomas
Senior Adviser
Alan has been a certified Financial Planner for 20 years, working with retirement clients and wealth generators. Alan has a degree in Business and is a Certified Financial Planner. Early in his career, he spent years working with Colonial Mutual, specialising in retirement income streams.

Alan finds his fulfillment in providing clients with a sense of financial security by suggesting an active plan to help them reach their lifestyle goals. For Alan, the most rewarding part of his job is developing close and long-term trusted relationships with clients and being a part of their dreams and financial goals.
John Bartle
John is our youthful and enthusiastic member of the squad. After receiving his degree in Business in 2010 he started his career in financial planning and found out that helping people achieve their specific lifestyle goals and realise their financial possibilities is the thing he enjoys most.

For John, there is nothing like working with clients and leading them to their desired goals and objectives. John thinks that the best part of his job is turning the complicated and stressful situations of his clients into individually tailored and easy to execute strategies of wealth creation that would put his clients back in control of their lives and get them into positive financial outcomes.
Tracy Wan
Tracy brings more than 10 years experience in the financial planning industry to her position at Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers. Tracy holds a degree in Economics and is a Certified Financial Planner.

Tracy utilises the technical knowledge and skills she has built over the years to deliver clear and concise strategies aimed at addressing a client's individual needs. As a specialist financial planner Tracy's passion lies in simplifying the complex and uncertain world of Aged Care and eliminating the stress this can cause families at a time when their loved ones are at their most vulnerable.


Why Choose Our Advice

We provide transparency

Moving to a residential aged care is a journey. We want to gain your trust by having our documents fully disclosed and explained to you. Unlike other complicated financial paperwork, our documentation is direct to the point, simple, and easy to understand.

We provide results

We present you with a variety of options and their implications to guide you in the decision making process. Our common goal is to get the best aged care service at the lowest cost.

We provide value

Our personalised financial advice leads you and your loved one to better choices and carefully planned decisions. Starting your aged care journey in the right way provides long-term benefits and greater peace of mind.

We care to listen

We make sure we are fully informed of your situation before providing any financial advice. We want to hear your thoughts, and goals, so that together, we can plan ways to achieve them.