Age Pension Advice | Maximise Your Age Pension

Age Pension Advice | Maximise Your Age Pension

Financial Advice for Pensioners

Many seniors receive the same amount of pension after they move into residential aged care facilities, unless they have a significant change in circumstances.

Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers specialise in pensioner solutions that help you maximise your Age Pension benefits. Our Age Pension consultants and advisers provide tailored strategies. We ensure seniors understand how much they can have in savings without jeopardising their benefits.

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Maximising Your Age Pension

What about selling my home?

We recommend you consult Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers before making a big decision like selling your home. There are various reasons why, but partly because selling your home may affect your Age Pension due to the assets test.

Types of Assets Assessed

The assets test considers the value of any assets you or your partner own, including:

  • cars
  • business assets
  • property (not including your primary residence)
  • the balance of your super and retirement income accounts (yours and your partner’s)
  • investments, such as cash, shares, term deposits and bonds
  • private trusts and private companies

The test may also consider assets that mightn’t seem as obvious, such as:

  • any deposits you’ve paid to live in a ‘granny flat’ or retirement village for the rest of your life
  • any cash gifts or assets you’ve given to family members or fiends (above certain limits)

Exempt Assets

  • Primary residence
  • Pre-paid funeral expenses
  • Refundable accommodation bonds

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