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Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

If you want to stay in your own home, but need some help with daily tasks, or require entry level care, the CHSP may be able to help.

Recently introduced to Western Australia, from 1 July 2018, the CHSP replaces the home care program known as Home and Community Care (HACC).

The CHSP combines four Government funded home support programs into one streamlined and simplified program. They are:

  • Home and Community Care (HACC) program;
  • National Respite for Carer Program (NRCP);
  • Day Therapy Centres (CTC) program; and the
  • Assistance with Care and Housing for the Aged (ACHA) program.

To determine if the CHSP is the right program for you, you will need to be assessed by a Regional Assessment Service (RAS). The aim of RAS is to ensure the services respond to you and your carers’ needs and support you in retaining or regaining skills that enable you to continue living independently in the community.

If you have more complex needs, a Home Care Package may be right for you. You can access similar services to the CHSP, coordinated and tailored to meet your specific needs.

What is CHSP?

Subsidised by the Australian Government, CHSP is an entry level home help program if you are mostly – but not completely – able to live and cope on your own, and don’t yet need higher levels of support at home.

The program can also help your carer. If your carer needs to attend to everyday activities, the CHSP can arrange for someone to help you while they are away.

What types of services are provided?

CHSP services provided in the community may include:

  • Social support – social activities in a community-based group setting
  • Transport – help to get out and about for shopping or appointments

CHSP services provided at home may include:

  • Domestic assistance – household jobs such as cleaning, clothes washing and ironing
  • Personal care – help with bathing, showering, dressing or toileting
  • Home maintenance – minor general repairs and care of your house or yard, for example, changing light bulbs or replacing tap washers
  • Home modifications – minor installation of safety aids such as alarms, ramps and support rails in your home
  • Nursing care – a qualified nurse comes to your home and may, for example, dress a wound or provide continence advice.

Some CHSP services can be provided either at a community centre or in your home such as:

  • Food services – If you are finding it difficult to prepare meals, services may include providing meals at a community centre, helping with shopping or food, preparing and storing food in your home, and delivering meals to your home.
  • Allied Health support services – If you have particular health problems, for example with speech or walking, or need help with ongoing problems resulting from an accident or illness, you may be able to access allied health services. These include services such as physiotherapy, podiatry, speech therapy, occupational therapy and advice from a dietitian.

Who is CHSP for?

If you are 65 years or older, or 50 years or older and identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person, are still living at home and need help to continue living independently you or your carer could apply for home help services under CHSP. To determine your eligibility, an assessment will need to be conducted by the Regional Assessment Service (RAS). Call the My Aged Care contact centre on 1800 200 422 to arrange an assessment by your local RAS.

Who pays for CHSP?

CHSP is subsidised by the Government however there generally is still a fee for each service. You are encouraged to contribute towards the cost of your care if you are able to do so. The amount you contribute depends on the type and number of services you require and can differ from one service provider to the next.

Some organisations may change a set fee for their services, while others may ask for a voluntary donation, or charge a membership or subscription fee.

How can Perth Aged Care Financial Advisers (PACFA) help?

Once you have determined your service needs and eligibility, our advisers at PACFA can assist you in assessing your financial situation and determining the best strategies for now, and into the future when the decision making may be taken out of your hands.

Call us today on 1300 472 232 to speak with one of our Aged Care specialists.

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